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LBY-XC20/40 ESR Automatic Monitor

LBY-XC20/40 ESR Automatic monitor
(Fully Automatic Dynamic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer), based on Westergren method principle and integrated with optical, mechanical and electronic modules, is suitable for erythrocyte sedimentation rate and hematocrit assay.

Printer: Dot matrix; speed: more than 0.7line/sec.; resolution: more than 144dots/line.
Computer parameters:
Computer: master frequency≥1G; memory: ≥64MB; hard disk: ≥40GB;
LCD: resolution: more than 1024×768;
Printer: Resolution: more than 720dpi;
Operating system: WINDOWS 98, 2000 or XP;
Program storage media:
Disc; software type: application software.
Analyzer parameters

Working conditions
Environmental conditions:
Temperature: 10℃~30℃;
Relative humidity:less than 70%;
Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106kPa;
Keep the analyzer away from electromagnetic field disturbance, violent shocking and corrosivegas;
Make sure well ventilated and avoid direct sunshine.
Power source requirement: rated voltage(220±22)V; frequency(50±1)Hz.

Performance indicators
Precision: ±5%
Identity of different channels: 5%
Repeatability error: less than 3%
Temperature precision: ±0.5℃
Temperature stability: ±0.2℃.

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