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C3100 Automatic Coagulation Analyzer


C3100 is a fully automatic blood coagulation analyzer instrument produced by the Beijing Precil company and is the same as the other products of the identical series. It adopts the principle of double magnetic circuit bead method to test the coagulation end point of a plasma sample and the accuracy of the testing results are not influenced by the turbid factors in the sample-factors such as icterus, hemolysis and galactenzyme.



1. Classic mechanical method (viscosity based detection) to test clotting items. Technology suggested by CLSI. Insensitive to icteric, lipemic, chylus and hemolysis sample.

2. D-dimer was tested with special optical channel.

3. Throughput: up to 200 test/h, D-D 60 T/H.

4. 61 sample position, 11 reagent position

5. 12 incubation channel, 4 mechanical testing channel, 3 optical channels.

6. Separate sample/reagent probe ensure low carry over.


Test items:

PT, APTT, FIB, TT, coagulation factors II、V、VII、VIII、IX、X、XI, D-dimer, FDP, ProC, ProS etc.

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