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Coagulation Analyzer
ESR Analyzer

Beijing Precil Instrument Co., Ltd as one of the leading manufacturer in the field of medical diagnostic equipment in China, We delivers comprehensive service experience to all our customers.

Warranty Policy:
We Precil warrants to all the distributor that the products are free from all defects or deficiency in Design, material, workmanship for a period set forth below from the date of factory shipment. The Distributor shall be responsible for any services to End Users.
The following items are excluded from coverage by the warranty:
1 Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Operator’s Manual, either intentionally or by error, or repair or maintenance by anyone other than a Precil Service Representative or an authorized Precil representative;
2 Any damage which results from neglect or malpractice of the periodic maintenance specified by Precil.
3 Any damage resulting from improper storage or transport.
4 Any products of any other manufacturer.

Technical Training:
Precil provides free service training to the technical persons from the distributors with respect to the products and will further provide technical assistance via e-mail or fax as requested by the distributors. The training will be performed at Beijing Precil Instrument Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The transportation expense is on the distributors' account, and the accommodation expenses is on the manufacturers' account.

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